The possibilities are endless : sports, baby names, Oscar night ... anything that you want to make into a competition can be created here. You can create your own office pool or fantasy sports league in minutes, and customize it in many ways. This World Cup game, and this Oscars pool were both set up in minutes.

There are three different types of fantasy leagues that you can create and manage :
  • Guess the Score - points awarded by guessing the correct score of an event.

  • Win / Lose - points awarded by guessing which of two teams wins an event.

  • Questions - the most flexible of the leagues, points awarded by correctly answering a number of questions. Ideal for an Oscar game or anything else where you have to pick from a list of possible answers.
All of the leagues that you can create can also be private, protected with a password so that only people you invite can join. Otherwise, you can leave the password blank and then anyone who logs onto the site can join your league.

The person who creates a league is automatically the administrator, meaning that he must set up the league and also enter the results as they are available.

Coming soon :
  • picture and video posting to your league, allowing you to link to multimedia of the events that your league is based on.
  • More league types.

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