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Data is made available through a simple web service - tell it what league, week, and season you want, and the data will be returned
The data feed url is
See the support page for examples

weekWeek to retrieve (mmdd) e.g. 0810 to retrieve the data for the week beginning on August 10. All weeks begin on a Friday.
seasonSeason e.g. 1718 for the 2017/18 season
leagueepl, blg, isa, spd, l1, test
apiKeyYour API key
formatData format - xml or json

homeTeamFull home team name
awayTeamFull away team name
dateGame date (Mmmm dd, yyyy)
kickoffTime of kickoff (Eastern Standard Time)
statusNotStarted, InProgress, Halftime, Complete, Postponed, Cancelled, Abandonded
timeCurrent minute of the game, if in progress
homeScoreCurrent home team score
awayScoreCurrent away team score
homeGoalTimeList of home team goal times
awayGoalTimeList of away team goal times
namePlayer name
goalsGoals scored
shotsTotal shots
shotsOnTargetShots on target
yellowYellow cards
redRed Cards
foulsFouls conceded
foulsDrawnFouls drawn
ownGoalOwn goals
penaltyConcededPenalty conceded
penaltyScoredPenalty scored
penaltyMissedPenalty missed
penaltySavedPenalty saved
startMinStart minute
endMinEnd minute


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