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Why do I get an invalidTimeInterval response ?
There is a minimum time interval between calls of 30 seconds. Try again after this interval

Why do I get an invalidAPIKey response ?
Check that you sent the correct API key in the request.
Your API key is displayed on the main page once you log on

Can I access some data for free to test my calls before I buy ?
Yes, as soon as you register you get free access to 10 weeks of data from the EPL 2016/17 season

How do I access the test data ?
See the support page for code samples and request/response messages
Input parameters would be something like week=0812&season=1617&league=test&apiKey=yourAPIKey

What test data is available ?
Available weeks are (mmdd) :
• 0812
• 0819
• 0826
• 0909
• 0916
• 0923
• 0930
• 1014
• 1021
• 1028

Is the data returned individually for each game ?
The data is organized by week, including each individual game, running from Friday to Friday throughout the season

Why do I get a successful response, but no game data ?
Check that there are games for the league for that particular week
If it's an international break week then there may not be any league games scheduled

What leagues are available ?
English Premier League (epl), German Bundesliga (blg), La Liga (spd), Italian Serie A (isa), and French Ligue 1 (l1)

What data is available ?
Take a look at the API documentation

How up-to-date is the data ?
Data is refreshed every 60 seconds

Is historical data available ?
Yes, once you pay for full access, all data is available from the 2015/16 season onwards

What data formats are available ?
xml or json


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